Thursday, February 23, 2023

Cuyler Pagano Announces His Third Comic Book

 Cuyler Pagano's New Comic Book Series, Alien Terrodactyls, Set to Launch in May 2023 with a Action-Packed Theme Featuring Alien Dinosaurs.

 Alien Terrodactyls takes place in a post-apocalyptic America in the year 2125, where a small group of survivalists led by Commander Frank Dagger and his militia men, are humanity's last hope against an alien race that has brought a breed of enhanced DNA pterodactyls to life. The new series promises to be an epic battle, with plenty of action, violence, blood and of course, alien dinosaurs.

Alien Terrodactyls

Story Preview:

From the forgotten depths of time, a slumbering seed has stirred. An enigmatic extraterrestrial race, has brought forth a breed of pterodactyls, imbued with a power that lay dormant for aeons. But now, in the bleak year of 2125, from the ruins of an apocalyptic America, these wondrous creatures have awoken, bearing the mark of an otherworldly origin.

Amidst the desolation of this new world, a tiny band of human survivors has taken up arms. From the heart of the southwestern desert, they emerge, ready to face the ultimate challenge, for they are humanity's last chance. Will they succeed in their desperate mission, or will they be swept away by the forces of chaos that threaten to engulf them all? Only time will tell.

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